Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Sunday morning trip to Starbuck's was preempted by giving Sophie a bath!  She has been itching and scratching under her harness and it has been driving me batty, especially when I'm trying to sleep!  So this morning after she went out I picked her up and headed to the bathroom.   Once I got the harness off I checked her for fleas, none but there was another bug that I couldn't recognize.  Bigger than a flea not as big as a tic and there was only one.  It seemed to have taken up "shelter" under the harness and of course it's bites and movements were irritating Sophie.

So I got out the skin soothing anti flea shampoo and washed her up.  No she did not like it but I finally got it done, she didn't like waiting to be dried off and she hated my cleaning out her ears but waited patiently and grumbled a bit.  Once it was all done though she was presented with a tasty treat and I got to dry myself off.

After that I just didn't feel like getting tanks ready and getting myself ready then getting Sophie ready and go through the hassle of getting into the car to go to Starbuck's so I stayed in, took my morning pills (oh boy am I peeing today!) and sat with Sophie while she recovered from the torment of being bathed.

Being Sunday there is nothing on television.  Yesterday was Football all over the dial  so I Netflixed and Hulued most of the day  Today it's golf and while enjoy golfing (not all that great at it though) I don't like watching it so it's "Open Season 33 "  on Netflix for Sophie and me, I have another crochet project going as well...

Ten more days till Halloween, silver shammrocks