Saturday, October 27, 2012

What a crappy day!  I was so exhausted after dinner that about 8:00 I fell asleep until almost 11:00.  I'm still tired and after checking the message boards I'm going to settle in for the night with Sophie.

Started out with me trying to find my keys so I could go to the bank.  Took me an hour searching for those damn things.  Finally found them under something I was going to return to Wal Mart but never got around to doing...

Then I had to get the tanks ready to go.  Wasn't sure if I was going to stop of at the store real quick so I took one tall tank and two smaller ones just in case.  I also had promised to take Sophie along with me so I had to hitch her up and calm her down while I got my shoes on and made sure I had everything I needed.

Then it was to the gas station because I needed a little, so I got $10 worth.  Had to wait while pulling away from the gas station and Sophie wasn't happy about that.  She started whining, but quit once we headed down the road.

At the bank I couldn't find my wallet buried under the backpack, found it then couldn't find my ATM card inside...found it sighed a huge sigh of relief and proceeded with my transaction.  More Sophie whining trying to pull away from the bank and up to Wal Mart.

One check of the parking lot told me no way was I going in so we headed home.  Luckily the light was with us so there was no whining from Sophie.

Home so I decided that since it wasn't raining yet I'd take Sophie for a short walk before grabbing the large tank and go inside.  After the walk she  promptly went under the car and got tangled in the muffler and mudflap!  I had to get her untangled and once I did I went for the larger tank, she went to the front of the car...

And got herself tangled in the front bumper!  Oh I was ready to kill her!  Got her untangled for a 2nd time and inside before anything else went wrong.  Got settled back in and relaxed a few minutes before starting dinner.

Had bacon and eggs for dinner and things got a little "smoky" as I was getting Sophie's food ready I began having trouble breathing.  I had to come to the living room and sit down over and over, got my dinner cooked used my rescue inhaler ate dinner, Sophie enjoyed hers.  After dinner we sat in our chair, I needed to relax.  I fell asleep and slept for three hours.  Woke up to a COPD flare, had to use the nebulizer.

Now I have the shakes, used the corticoid steroid inhaler and am felling a little better but tired.  I'm going to get some more water, take a couple of pain pills and head to the chair.