Thursday, October 25, 2012

I do not like using my nebulizer.  I get the shakes and the medication burns my eyes.  However I will be facing a change starting November so I'm going to be using the nebulizer here at home from now on.

November 1 Medicare kicks in and the pharmacy plan I will be getting doesn't cover my rescue inhaler but it will only cost me $3.00 for a 90 box of nebulizer medication.  That is opposed to the $30.00 I pay for the inhaler and I would much rather have that $27.00 in my pocket.

The burning eyes only lasts for a couple of minutes so I can deal with it.  It is worth it since the Medicare plan I got is a "complete/Advantage" plan and I don't have any premiums to pay.  I get hospital and medical for $99 a month which comes out of my disability check.  I also get a prescription drug plan and vision and dental benefits as well as a plan for my DME.

There are also some freebies, colo-rectal screenings, mammograms, and paps.  They pay 80% of my medical needs and I can handle the 20%.  I also have the option of finding coverage for the 20% copay.  I will look into that later on, I want to compare prices and plans first.

So I'm starting on using my nebulizer here at home and saving my inhalers for away from home.  I'm also going to be changing pharmacies because the one at Wal Mart has just frustrated me for the last time.  I have had to change my address and phone number three times with them, both online and in the store.  For some reason it doesn't "stay" in the computer.  And when there is a problem with my prescriptions they call the old number and leave a message.

I don't know who is getting the messages but they're not calling  Wal Mart back LOL   There was a "glitch" this last time I placed my refill order online, it should have been ready by the next day but I didn't get there until three days later.  Plenty of time for them to notify me of a problem either by phone or via email.  I didn't find there was a problem until I got there.  So I gave them my phone number again and I gave them my email address again.

So here I am all nebulized and ready to roll...Time for lunch.