Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sophie just took me on a wonderful walk a little while ago.  We had one earlier this morning but I've been flaring and earlier I wasn't really up to taking a walk.  But nonetheless we made it out to the curb and back with me stopping every few feet to catch my breath.

I came in and  got myself motivated enough to clean the bathroom.  Then I took a long break.  I even started some hot water going for tea which I never did have.

After having enough of television I gathered up the garbage bags and was thinking of driving them to the cub.  But that seemed so counterproductive.  Instead I grabbed an O2 tank, got hooked up, cranked it way up, used my inhaler and with that my lungs opened up and with the oxygen flowing I hooked Sophie up with her leash grabbed the bags and off to the curb we marched again.

Sophie did all of her "business" while out and we about "bounced" on the way back in.  My hips did start to ache but we did good, and I will be on my way to feeding Sophie in just a few minutes.  Still trying to figure about what I want for my dinner...