Sunday, September 9, 2012

Every stupid person in Scranton had to have been at Dickson City Wal Mart this afternoon.  Yes I got there a bit later than usual.  I'm flaring and earlier just wasn't up to hauling my O2 tank in and out of the car.  In fact I stayed curled up in my chair until after 12 noon and when I got up my back sp0oke to me.  Not very nice things either.

I got to the bathroom and while I was sitting there I did some stretches to try and get my back to stop cussing at me.  It was letting me know that there was no way it was going to let me walk the smaller supermarket close to home, that if it had to go it was going to where they have the scooters and my head said "affordable" so off to Wally world the three of us went.

Sophie had to stay home alone for the first time since I took Phoebe in.  She did very well on her own and for behaving while I was gone I rewarded her with a treat and a quick snuggle before I went to put the groceries away.

Got to Wal Mart, had a scooter brought hoisted the tank into the basket and headed out.  People were congregating just inside the door, with people they hadn't seen in a while as if at some reunion of sorts.  Finally someone woke up and got everyone to move after I had said EXCUSE ME several times until I yelled it.

I started doing my shopping and of course you have those who compare, they stand in the middle of the aisle shifting back and forth from one brand to another and possibly another they compare sizes, they compare prices , they even compare packaging, as well as ingredients and nutritional value.   In the meantime I'm trying not to run into them as I maneuver the scooter around their bobs and weaves.

Then there are the men who are oblivious to the world around them.  they stand looking at one item for eternity and thinking that it is safe to go around them I do and sure enough they back right into the pathway and almost get hit, it's not like he didn't just look at me two seconds ago and see me om this thing!

Then of course are the kids running wild all over the store.  I'm having to stop so quickly I swear I've given myself whiplash!  Then there are the barely more than toddlers who come running screaming that they want a ride so the parental unit puts them into their basket and the kid screams more because the kid wants in the basket of the scooter.  Sorry kid the basket is made for kids and I'm not your source of entertainment for the day, now get the hell away from the scooter so I can get the hell out of this store!

While doing the last of my shopping the damn scooter runs out of "juice"  I get it close enough to the carts so I can quick grab a pushcart stuff everything into it and leave.  I scanned my list quickly and what was left were things that could wait so I went to the express check out because I had fewer than the amount of items, ran my card through for payment and headed to the car, which by the way was parked very close to the door today.

On my way out the door I noticed it had started to rain a bit and there were kids shoving their cans in my face to give, to whatever sports affiliation...Sorry kids I don't carry cash and kept walking, One of the adults made some nasty remark.   I pretended not to hear it opened my drunk got the purchases in, turned around saw him looking at me and I gave him the one fingered salute and got my tank and self into the car and pulled away,

Now I'm home, groceries are put away, my back is killing me, a massage would be heaven right about now.    I'm done for the day, Sophie and I are just going to "veg out" , her in her basket covered by her blanket, me in my chair, with the heating pad on...perhaps dosing a bit.  Just gotta be sure to feed Sophie in awhile, I don't want to wake up to her nibbling on my toes LOL