Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Crib

Been a busy week here at "the home".  Monday was quiet but Tuesday I had a test to check my swallowing so I could get back to eating "real"food.  Good news I passed the test, and am doing quite well now that I can eat.   Wednesday, I got moved to the"rehab" wing.  Room is a little bigger and it i easier to get around.  Today I had n appointment with the eye doctor,verdict, cataracts.   I ot a new prescription in lenses which will  be here next month and made arrant3m3n5w to be re=evaluated in six months.  I am i need of new lenses as these aren't working all that great any longer.  The thought of eye  surgery though kinds of worries me.  Oh well I have six months to get used to the idea and prepare myself.  No wonder things were looking "smoky" at times.  sigh