Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 3 and I have the AC on?  No it's not hot but the humidity is so thick in the air that the air is steamy.  Couple that with the heat my O2 machine puts out and here I am in shorts and a tank top.

I had to do a grocery run earlier and just didn't feel like fighting the morons and idiots at Wally World so I went to one of the local markets.  The advantage to these places is that they aren't crowded, not a lot of rug rats up and down the aisles throwing tantrums and bothering other shoppers.  No tribes of people who stop to chat blocking the aisles.

The disadvantage is they don't offer scooters so I have to make do with a push cart, which  isn't bad because I can get a large tank into one, however, with my back the way it is I am limited to how long I can be on my feet and quite often have to check out before my list has been completed.    Today for instance, I had to leave behind eggs, toilet tissue and facial tissue.  Don't worry Sophie I got your dog food and treats.

This is not a major deal, I can simply go back tomorrow to grab those few things, maybe before I get started on kitchen duty.   Yes kitchen duty is what I said.  I went through and cleaned up the stove and oven , even washed out the bottom drawer of the oven.  I took out all the pots and pans and washed them up as well.

I cleaned out the cupboards on that side of the kitchen, cleaned the counter and scrubbed out the sink.  Now all I have to do is the other cupboard, the counter and the other side of the room plus the kitchen floor, so by Saturday the kitchen should be pretty much completed, and I can rest.

Next week my bedroom.  I want to get some scuff I won't be using between now and Texas packed.  I also want to hook up my old desktop computer to see if it is salvageable and determine what I'm going to do with it.

Then it will be on to the living room.  Shannon wants me to take photos of her shoes and send them so she can figure out if she wants to keep any.  I've got to go through all of these boxes to see if there is anything we might want and the rest will go into a big box I have set for charity.  I need to get all the parts to the WII together along with the games because I'm going to be selling them.

So that's how October and November are looking like for me.  Oh did I mention that pollen for grass, trees and weeds is up today...Lots of fun sneezing all day.  Woke myself up several times last night sneezing.  My sinuses feel like they have gone 10 rounds with both Ali and Frazier.  Steamy showers and lots of water...