Thursday, June 14, 2012

Well I think I have this pretty much figured out now.  I just need to decide how I want to decorate.  At any rate, welcome to the latest incarnation of CoeyG's ,   I did some wandering and looking around at other blogs and decided I wanted to give my space a complete overhaul.

In building/real estate terms I wanted to "flip" my site.  So I totally deconstructed it and began to reconstruct it from the ground up.  Still in the reconstruction phase but finally getting somewhere.

In the coming days I will be adding different backgrounds to different areas of my blog.  I've just about completed "My Journey With Lupus" page and have added a page showcasing what sometimes pops into my feeble mind as creative writing.

I'm also thinking of adding such things as a recipe corner and I'll be linking my Pintrest boards as well.

So bookmark me if you haven't already so you can find your way back if you wish to stop in again.  And please leave a comment, I like knowing who is stopping by and how they found my place...