Tuesday, December 18, 2012

About To curl Up

With my faithful dog.  It has been a horribly long day.  It was a horribly long day yesterday.  I've been flaring worse than usual the past few days.  I slept most of yesterday, finally got up around three had a bagel and some chicken broth.  I sat up for a bit and played a few games but then went back and sat down with Roku and slept. I couldn't even crochet. 

Dummy me I forgot about cauliflower and broccoli not being all that good for Lupus sufferers and oh it was so good in my veggie tray.  I went back to sleep early and was asleep all night.  Woke up but didn't want to be awake, I wanted to sleep but had to get up, go to the bank and then to the store.  But I did manage to hit Starbucks and that Vent i gingerbread latte was sooooooooo good (yes I know a lot ooooooos there)I felt so bad coming out of the store I thought I was going to pass out so I sat down for a bit and watched people walking by.  I was so glad I had a very close parking spot, because it took a bit for me to get going in at the car. 

Once home I was so tired.  On the way home Shannon tried calling, I had to wait until I was home and had everything in the kitchen.  My body is so exhausted that after awhile I just couldn't get up from my desk char I played some games, searched for and finally found someone on face book I hope she remembers me and accepts the friend request I sent her.  I also called Shannon back.  Oh I can not wait to be there where there is warm right now...they have over 60 degrees and here it is cold and damp and I hurt everywhere. 

My sinuses are stuffy, I'm thirsty, my back hurts, my right arm...oh yeah the tank fell on it in the cars so it's bruised, my elbow hurts.  Okay, to the kitchen, for some water, then turn the lights down,m going to my chair, pulling my comforter around me and putting my feet up, turning down the volume on the television and who knows, maybe sleep until tomorrow.  I just want to be over this flare, I just want to be out of the damp and the cold...